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Color Tyme Photo & Video provides professional Houston wedding photography services. We value creating life-long relationships with our clients. From when they first met each other and get engaged through the time they get married, start their own families. You’re here because you know deep in  your heart that photography is more than just pushing a button on a camera, it is an art form.

We at Color Tyme Photo & Video use the camera lens as a paint brush and the world as our canvas to paint your experience of your wedding day, to show the emotion just like an artist painting a masterpiece of artwork! Your masterpiece will last the test of time.

We services the Houston area and will travel all over America and around the world to any wedding destination to photographic your wedding day. We have wedding planners and event planners that we work with all over the world, so you know that we have your wedding day covered!

Color Tyme Photo is also winner of the 2014 Weddings in Houston Bride’s Favorite Award that shows excellence and quality of service and professionalism to those in wedding industry. You owe it to your self to have the wedding of your dreams! Color Tyme Photo can make your dreams come true!

We are so glad you’re here!