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Being a Photographer

Being a photographer means thinking out side of the box on jobs and know your surroundings.

You can create background from nothing and turn them in to works of are that you can use to photographic your clients on.

When I am putting together a fashion shoot for a client. I look at all the different colors and textures that the client is working with to give me ideas about how I am going to create my fashion set. I make all my won backgrounds and fashion sets, I try to incorporate all the different colors and textures into my background & sets that I design for that fashion shoot. Every Fashion shoot is different, things change. Some time I can reuse elements form a past shoot in to a new project that I am working on, I like dong that but most of the time I have to start with a new canvas. You have to think out side of the box and be creative in your design elements when designing your photographic sets and backgrounds for your clients and for your self. Don’t be scared to try something new, it will be good for you in the long run! When you create your own set or a backdrop you made that, it is an extension your artist vision and know one can take that from you. It is a piece of art work that you made ! I know that you will make amazing images for your clients on your new background. You did not buy it at the store, you made it your self, that’s what real photographers do . The make things.

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