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Family Photography Session Starts Here!!

Your Senior Photography Session

Your portrait session with Color Tyme Photography will be a fun and experience! We recommend bringing three very different outfits to help us capture the various sides of your personality. Examples: Formal Dress or Suite and Tie, Your Favorite Casual Clothing-jeans or whatever you feel comfortable in. Also you can bring Uniforms such as athletic,music,dance and etc. You also might want to bring some props like computers, sports equipment, musical instruments, book, cars, trucks or whatever you are passionate about.

We love working with Senior High School students! Bringing out the real you is our passion! Prior to your photo session we’ll talk about your activities and plan your photo shoot. Each session is as individual as you are! We look forward to working with you for this very special time in your life and create the best senior photography portraits ever !

Together we will create a work of art – we’ll take a moment frozen in time and turn it into a masterpiece that will stand the test of time it self over.

Fun Time

Sessions are always fun! I make it fun and enjoyable experience for the children by joking with them, playing tag and by the end of the photo session they have for gotten that they where even there to get there photo taken. My goal is to have fun and just go with it. I will capture you and your family having fun together, once the kids have come down a little then we can have a more serious photo session. I want you and your family to be comparable in from of my camera, like I was not even there.

The best way to prep for a family photo session is to tell your kids that we are going on a family drive and just hang out with the family for the day. Another good thing you can do is not give your kids any sugar before your family photo session. Sugar can make some kids very hyper. It is all about capturing your family together.

Being Comfortable

Natural and loving photos come from when you are warm and fuzzy inside and you are completely relaxed in your coolest zone, where you are most comfortable and secure and feel safe. Newborn photo session are taken at your house most of the time. It is helpful if your child is not hungry during the photo session. Make sure that your newborn child has taken his or hers nap so they will not be sleepy or crying during the photo session.

It is important to create a stress free environment for your newborn photo session. I will capture your baby playing with its toys or playing with mom & dad. I will capture all the little moments of your baby from walking to playing. I will capture you as a family in your natural environment  .



“It was such an amazing feeling to take photos as a family of three for the first time. We’ll never forget the experience.” –Eunice S.

Life is an Adventure

Every new day is an adventure, we will explore new things in a changing world. We will start our new journey together in your home or take a day trip to Galveston beach and explore the sands of time and play with seashells. We can take a drive to the National Forest to explore the trees of time and chase the animals in the forest. There are so many great place to explore in Texas. Texas has some of the best parks and historical places that we can explore together !

If being adventurous means going on a little family hike or a family drive. let’s do it!


  • On Location
  • Yield 30 to 40 Images
  • 1 Hour Session on Location
  • Guided Help in Creating Art at Ordering Session
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  • On Location
  • Yield 30 to 40 Images
  • 2 Hour New Born Session at Home
  • 1 Hour Session at 6 Months
  • 1 Hour Session at 1 Year
  • Guided Help in Creating Art at Ordering Session

   *Note: Prints are not included in session fee. Minimum order required. Full price list available after initial phone consultation. All sales are final. No refunds on services or products.


Because my sessions are very experience focused, I only take a limited number each month so that I can devote the most time to each family. If you have any question please call Victoria at (830)-377-3834 or (956)-334-6357.  To Book me Click the link below!