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Color Tyme Photo is a team of photographers & videographers in Houston, TX who are committed to capturing and producing amazing images and video that tells the story of  your dream wedding day. We know that you have been dreaming of your perfect wedding day, sense you where a little girl. We at Color Tyme photo know how important it is to you. One of the things that make Color Tyme Photo different from other photographers  is that we can photograph your wedding with film. Film is lasting and has many different tones in it. We can photograph your wedding in digital too. We like to mix it up a little. Not many wedding photographers today have the knowledge to shoot with film, but we have the experience  and knowledge in shooting both film and digital photography. If you want a vintage look, we can make that happen for you too !

Our team is not only creative, but have received  higher education degrees  in photography, TV broadcast, communications, cinematography, and  video production.  Members of the team have  worked on major film productions in the film  and wedding industry. 


We service the Houston area and will travel all over America as well as  around the world to accommodate  wedding destination. We have wedding planners and event planners  all over the world, so you do not have to worry because  we have your Dream Wedding Day covered! Color Tyme Photo is also the winner of the 2014 Weddings in Houston Bride’s Favorite Award. The award  is awarded to photographers that show excellence and quality of service and professionalism to those in wedding industry. It is an honor to receive this award for all of our hard work .

  You owe it to your self to have the perfect wedding of your dreams. Color Tyme Photo can make your dream wedding come true!

We look forward to working with you !


Here is a sample of our cinematic wedding videos !!

Wedding Information

Color Tyme Photo & Video

We offer all different kinds of wedding photography. We have photographic strait and gay weddings. We believe it does not matter what your sexuality is, we are all gods children and deserve to have the wedding of your dreams come true! All wedding packages come with a complementary engagement photo session. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation.

We do destination wedding photography & wedding video. We have photographic weddings in the Bahamas, Mexico and Spain. We would love to photographic your destination dream wedding today. We have the knowledge and the experience of going abroad to photographic weddings. Next time you thinking about going on a Destination Wedding, think Color Tyme Photo, we will make you dream wedding come true!

Choose Color Tyme Photo!

Some of our clients request us to photographic part of there wedding using film photography. We do not have a problem with that at all. We can shoot both with medium format and with 35mm format. We will still photographic your wedding using digital photography as well to make sue that every little moment is capture !

We offer custom hand made photo albums of your wedding day! Some of these hand made works of art come with our higher end wedding packages. All ART is American made. Color Tyme Photo & Video prides it self because all of your products are American made and made in America, including all of your canvas, canvas prints, bags, wedding album matching boxes, and so much more. We believe in supporting the local economy.

You can find our wedding pricing information on our wedding start here page:

 Choose Color Tyme Photo! We look forwarded to working with you soon !  God Bless you and may he shine upon you!

Quinceañera Photography Packages & Information

 Quinceanera Photographey & Video Production


Congratulations on your upcoming Quinceañera event! We at Color Tyme Photo are very happy for you.

Color Tyme Photo is a team of photographers & videographers in Houston, TX who are committed to capturing your event. We know that you and your mom have been planning your Quinceañera before you where born. We know how important this day is to you and your parents. We know you have been planning and dreaming of this this day when you come out to the world as a young woman! We can make your perfect day come true. We at Color Tyme photo know how important this day is to you. When you are wearing that red dress and diamond earnings walking out into the world as a young woman !  We will capture every little moment, detail and make your day the best day of your life, that you will share these moments with your friends and family that will last a life time! 

We looking forward to working with you and making your dream day come true !



We at Color Tyme Photo use the camera lens as a paint brush and the world as our canvas to paint your dream Quinceanera, to show the emotion just like an artist painting a masterpiece of artwork! Your masterpiece will last the test of time. We will capture every small detail, every moment, and every emotion, know matter how big or small your event is. Color Tyme photo is her to tell your true love story.

 Color Tyme photo covers Houston, Galveston, Sugerland, Richmond, Spring, The Woodland and Conroe areas. All products are made in America.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to day ! We look forward to working with you. Have a blessed day .

If you have any questions please fill free to contact us and we would love to talk to you !

Quinceañera photography packages start at $1,500.

We will customize your event to your needs. The price that we have listed above is just a guide.

Call for details! English please call (713)-907-4809  

Minimum Deposit required to book an event with Color Tyme Photography. 

Easy payments plan available!  All major credit cards accepted.

We do accepted cashier checks from banks and credit unions. No personal checks !

Para Español llame al (979)-291-8144 or email:

We look forward to working with you soon !

Commercial Photography

We photographic every thing form weddings, Fashion, Head shots to family photo session. We can accommodate your needs in any type of commercial photography job . We have the experience and the knowledge to get the job done in a timely manor .

Photo Restoration Service

We offer Photo Restoration Services. If you have a old photo and it is faded or it need of some help, we can bring it back to life for you and make like new again !

All sales are final! No refunds on any products or services.