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Weddings Start Here !

“I was truly impressed by John’s ability to capture our true love. Looking at his photos with their vibrant color and rich texture takes me right back to our wedding day. I love all of my wedding day photos. John has incredible talent as an artist.” – Alice C.

” I am in love with all my wedding day photos. I love how John captured every little detail of my wedding. He was just amazing to work with. ”

Marget M.

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Behind The Camera of an Engagement Session

Your Wedding

You’re getting married, tying the knot, getting hitched, walking down the aisle! This is the most important day in your life. This day is all about you. You are the princes for the day, this is your dream wedding that you have been planning since you where a little girl, now all your dreams are coming true. This is the day that you celebrate your love for one another with your family and friends. I am so honored that you have chosen Color Tyme Photo to be apart of your wedding day, to make lasting romantic photos of your wedding day that will stand the test of time.

Your wedding day will be filled with moments of joy and strong emotions of love and laughter that you will have with your brides maids joking around and telling stories about you form the old days. You will be reminiscing with your sister or a college friend about something that happen to y’all wile the makeup arts is putting on your makeup. Then your mom walk in and pins a diamond broach on your wedding dress that belonged to your grandmother, now you have something old to wear and to remind you of your grandmother. You remember when you where a little girl and playing dress up with your grandmother and she ware that broach, and it brings back all the good times you had of her. Then your ant walk in the room and she gives you a Perl necklace that she bought for you, now you have something new to make new memories with. Now your brides maids are getting dressed. Now it is your turn, your brides maids with the help of your mom and other family help you to put on your wedding dress. There is so much joy, emotion and happens that fill the bridal room. Your mom turns and tells you that she is so proud of you and then your dad walk in and sees his little girl that has grown all up and now is a beautiful young woman in his eyes. Your dad and mom help you put on your wedding vale, your dad has tears of love and joy in has eyes for you because now you are not his little baby girl any more but a young woman now and he is giving you away to the man of your dreams, your soul mate to start a new chapter in your live. You are about to embark on a new journey, an adventure with your soon to be husband to make new memories that will forever.

Color Tyme Photo will be there capturing every detail no matter how small or how big. We will be there photographing the makeup brushes, to when you are getting your makeup applied to your faces. We will be capturing you and your brides maids joking around. We will be there to capture you getting dressed and all moments that lead up to you walking down the lie and all the moments that happen during the wedding ceremony and afterwards too. We will capture the family portraits then we will spend some time with the bride and groom to capture those special romantic moments with one another. Then on to the reception. we will capture every little from the table top coverings from the flowers to the wedding cake and candy bar. We photograph the first dance to the father daughter dance, to capture every moment of time so we do not miss out on any small detail.  Then on to the groom dance with his mother. We photograph it all, cake cutting, grader toss, bouquet toss, dancing, last dance, exit of wedding venue..

So much to plan!

As you’re wedding day quickly approaches you start to feel stressed out and an over whelming feeling falls over you, this is a natural feeling. You are trying to plan your perfect dream wedding, from the food that you want to server at your wedding to the flowers arrangements on the table tops, to the perfect wedding venue. You are trying to find that perfect church to get married in. You want a wedding cake that know one else has ever had. You have been dreaming and planing this day seance you where a little girl playing dress up with your friends. You know what you want, and you are tiring to plan it all your self. Just relax breathe!

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. You can plan your wedding your self or you can hire a wedding planner to do it all for you and you can just have day of wedding planners too. Wedding planners do every thing for you, they are like a personal assistant steroids, they keep on working for you even when you are sleeping . Wedding planner are a breed of the own. They get the job done now matter had hard or tough things get they get it done no matter what. The go with you to find the perfect wedding venue. They help you find your wedding dress and bridesmaids dress. They help with the groom outfits too. They find the perfect wedding photographer and video photographers. They find the DJ to play at your wedding, even a jazz band it you want one. Most people think that only the rich can affordable wedding planner and that is not true at all ! Most wedding planners are very affable and have all the wedding vendors that you are looking for on a list that they work with to get you the best deal they can.

Also you must remember that most wedding venues have an onsite wedding planner that they have on staff, that you can work with. You just need to ask about there servers. Some of the wedding venues include there wedding planner in the cost of the venue. You just need to ask and they will let you know.

We have wedding planners that we work with on a daily basis. We also have DJS, Jazz Bands, florist, caterers, lines people and much more. We know many wedding vendors all over Texas and America because we photography wedding all over the usa, we only work with the best in the wedding industry ! We want every wedding production that we do to be perfect, the only way to achieve perfection is to only work with the best of the best !


Your wedding day is here!

Your dream wedding day has arrived! You are very happy with enthusiasm. The final details are all falling into place. Take a moment to enjoy your self. Then take a couple of  breaths and just breath. Have fun with it, if you need to tell a joke and laugh a little to get any tension or nervousness out of your system do it ! It will help you get down the lie.

My photograph style is cool and clean. I work as an artist painting a masterpiece but instead of using a paint brush, I will be using a camera to paint your dream wedding and make it a true work of art, to last the test of time. My true artistic stye would be photojournalism. My background is in photojournalism working in the news paper and print business. I also have a bachelors degree in photojournalism, so I know what I am talking about when it come to telling a story.

I’ll will be moving around quietly, to find the best angles. To capture the best emotion of expressions on peoples faces.  My second photographer will be an extension of my artistic vision of your wedding day. The second photographer will be helping me capture all the little details, candid shots, and the moments that happen during cocktail hour of the wedding reception.

 We strongly believe in a collaboration effort with our clients, to be able to get the best outcome overall when it come to there wedding photography, to make sue that we capture every thing that the client wants, that photo of the bride and cousins baby. We want our wedding clients to be truly happy with there wedding images. Every time they look at there wedding images of there wedding day, they will have a spark of love that come alive within there body and soul and they relive that special moment in time, all over again in complete happiness and love for one another !

“Wedding pictures taken by John in the Bahamas were fabulous! Not only did he capture the bright colorful and tropical background, but he caught moments we will treasure A lifetime. Very pleased by all of his work and talent!” Emily G.

Wedding Photography Information 

All wedding photography packages come with a complimentary Engagement Session. Some of the wedding packages come with custom design wedding album. All wedding albums come with imprint of your name and wedding date, you can choose the color and font style for your name. We offer two sizes in the wedding album line {10×10 & 12×12}. We do offer lager wedding album but they are custom order. Wedding albums come with a matching box and some of the wedding album come with a matching parent album sizes range from {4×5,5×5,5×6}.


How much will that cost? We understand there are many choices for a Houston Wedding Photography packages that contribute to a successful wedding and the cost can add up pretty quickly. So we want to offer you competitive Houston Wedding Photography packages/coverage/options that will fit your budget.

In choosing your coverage, you will want to consider how much of your wedding you want to remember on video. Typically, the 4 hour coverage will include the ceremony, photo session after the ceremony and first 2 hours of the reception. The 6 hour coverage will include per-ceremony activities, the ceremony, photo session after the ceremony and the first 3 hours of the reception. The 8 hour coverage includes full-day coverage of the wedding event. Of course, you get to decide the start and end times of the coverage depending on which activities you want to cover. Note: Coverage is based on continuous time and cannot be broken into time segments.

All Engagement Session are Complimentary when you buy a wedding package with Color Tyme Photography. If you do not want an Engagement Session, that is fine. Please let us know when you book your wedding.  If you just want to book an Engagement Session there will be a cost of $300.00  plus tax.

For more information please contact John Billingsley at (713)-907-4809 or Email